Insight on a SLICE from RobotWorx Owner, Keith Wanner, He talks about the making of their “Sliced” episode on The History Channel, why the did it and the thought process on what to have SLICED.


I love radio, have ever since I was a kid. Worked in radio for many years and enjoyed every bit of it! So its nice to get back to that in a small way with the new Skeeter Bass Champs podcast. A new way were trying to get information to anglers that fish the tournament trail, and it’s fun to boot!

check it out!
Skeeter Bass Champs Pod Cast

Very Cool Story!

Man with a golden voice!

My buddy Joe who I have had a many good steak with scored a great roll in True Grit!
He and I have an on going dinner promise that who ever books something cool the other owes him dinner, well I owe you a Steak Joe, here is a great write up on his performance in the NY Times Click here

Happy New Year

2010 was an awesome year! So good that I was too busy to do normal updates on the Blog, so as part of the new year comes new info and updates! Here is to 2011, may it be as awesome if not more than 2010!

If you missed the premiere you can catch it again tonight at 7/8 central on History and new shows tonight at 10/9 Central! If you like the show please spread the word! History has a page on facebook and you can became a fan of the John McCalmont page on facebook as well! Tonight Toys and Kitchens! Lots of fun! Have you ever wondered what would happen to your hand if you put it down a garbage disposal and turned it on? We will find out!

This will put a smile on your face, what kids would like to se SLICED!

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