SLICED on History soon to be a reality!


WOW! Life has been one crazy ride for me the last few months! I have been on the road shooting SLICED and were a just past the half way point looking forward to the premiere next week on April 22. It feels like I have been on the road forever, the travel and long days on the set have been some of the hardest work I have ever done, but what an awesome feeling it has been! Powderhouse, the production company behind SLICED has really put together a rockin crew pumping out an incredible show every week.

Headed up by Dan Miller they have some 40 odd people working every day of the week making sure we do the absolute best show possible! Everyone from Story writers to editorial, pre-production and production, a truly gifted team

Spread the word! I really think if you like to answer question about things in our everyday life that we take for granted you will love SLICED!

Check out all the promos on HISTORY

Rock on!