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Skeeter released video #2 on the new FX today, I actually just finished the edit yesterday! Kelly did a great job and talks candidly about his experience with the new boat!


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Well I guess I can let the cat out of the bag! That cat being the all new FX series from Skeeter! I have had the great opportunity to produce and direct the video portion of the launch this year and I have been having a blast doing it!
I can truly say that I have run a LOT of boats since my first flat bottom when I was 10 years old, got my first fiberglass rig at the age of 13, a Cajun BRUTE 3 with a 150 merc, one of the cats meows back in the early 80’s. And have run/owned over 20 bass boat since then! But this FX really tops them all packaged with the all new SHO Yamaha! I got a few hours behind the wheel and what a ride! The whole shot, top end, and all around performance and fishability of this rig will be the new standard that all bass boats will be measured by!
Check out the launch video! We have several more videos that Skeeter will be releasing over the next few weeks!

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This last weekend I was at Cedar Creek filming the second stop of championship fishing for the Skeeter Bass Champs television show!
Hosting the Show
Cedar Creek proved the reason why its called fishing and not catching! With 2 cold fronts, rain and chilly temperatures the fishing was challenging for competitors going after 50,000! For all the details you can read about it here
We all pitch in at these events wearing many different hats, on day one I went out to tow in a boat who’s power head let go, needless to say it would have taken them a long time to make it back on the troll motor!
Big Tony came along to help on this one as well, I think I may need to hook him up with a XXXXL life jacket!
big t
Here is a great shot of Eric Austin filming day one action rolling out of take off!
 e on cam
And yes, not only do I host the show, Produce it, direct it, tow boats in, but I also grab a camera from time to time! My motto, don;t ask anybody to do something you would not do yourself!
For a few more pics CLICK HERE

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This looks Way Cool!

As a kid my dad gave me a little FM broadcaster and I had my own pirate radio station broadcasting in my bedroom. And on a clear night you could pick up the broadcast about 200 yards away 🙂 not very powerful but if I told you about my next venture into “non legal” broadcast I might still get into trouble. Oh what tha heck… At one of my first radio station jobs, a little mom and pop AM country station in he sticks, the sign off time for the station was 10pm. Well at 11:30 I would crank the station back up an rock out all night, uh lets just say when I started to generate a small audience, word traveled fast and I got fired 🙂 Good times!

So this movie should be a fun watch!

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October is championship time in Texas! And we shoot a lot of shows this month. First up was the South /North Championship on OH IVEY. The lake is a real sleeper in West Texas, and I bet it will be a big destination spot after the show airs. In the past Bass Champs television was the first show to really feature lakes like Amisted, Falcon, and Choke Canyon, and if you look at them now, it is really an incredible site. Not long after the word got out both BASS and FLW planned visits to these lakes to host events and over time new lodges, hotels, restaurants, marinas and developments sprang up to handle the crowds. Well after this last weekend I would not be surprised to see a lot more traffic at OH Ivey! For the Full story visit BASSCHAMPS

Day one of the event hit a lot of anglers hard with a weather change, windy and cold for Texas.
This is a cool pic of the boats idling out.

Day One take off OH Ivey

And Day 2 offered even more challenges especially for the camera men shooting video in the rain! Cold wet conditions had everyone bundled up for the morning!

Nigel going into the storm

All in all we shot over 30 hours of footage and had cameras in the boat with both first and second place finishers, should make for some awesome fishing action!

Last pic, the folks that make it happen, rain or shine!

Chad Potts, Jeff Welch and Joy “it was her birthday” Sanders!
The Crew!

If you would like to see some more pictures click here!

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