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We all hate em, well no I actually love them to death, they are my bread and butter, but this one definitely stands out! A little long to really be a commercial, more like a mini movie. This one has been around for a while but just came by my door, worth a watch!


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As a BIG Mavs fan and regular attendee of the games the announce makes or breaks the experience! You have to love em or hate em, and the Dallas Mavs have always had the best of the best in my opinion! First up in my memory was Kevin McCarthy
I was a big “Kevin” fan, and hated to see him loose gigs at the mavs and 570, this is a good artical that sums that up in the Observer..
One of the long time great VO guys in Dallas and a man who helped me get started in the VO businesses would often fill in for McCarthy, Bob Magruder, He may best best know as the voice of Cheaters, yes I was the original producer for that show and wanted a distinguished story teller for the voice and Bob was the one guy that could bring a little decency to an otherwise decadent show, looking back I hope he is not remembered for that show, I know I have worked hard to forget it 🙂

And then came Humble

Some people HATED him!

But truly he did a great job in my “humble” opinion, I mean really, that is a tough gig with the schedule and commitment and strain on the voice, and keeping up with all the stats! Not for this guy, I enjoy watching and playing arm chair coach to much!

But another announcer? Oh no, I only hope they choose someone worthy of the position. I watched some of the live feed yesterday, painful to say the least! SO I was thrilled when I saw my friend Allan Peck who does afternoons on KSCS auditioning in the morning paper not only a talented VO artist and On air dude, but funny! Watch the video, he is the young hip looking one that ends with “that’s all I got”!

No Allan is not the typical deep voice announcer, but maybe the Mavs need a cool hip voice?

Video of Mavs Announcer Tryouts

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Found this on Jim Cutlers blog and could not stop laughing!

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Coming Soon

I am working out some of the “new blog” kinks 🙂 so please be kind as were under construction right now! Should have it all worked out by end of week!!!!

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Link to the old blog!

Well, due to the popularity and limitations of the old blog, here is a new one!  And a link to the old one!  I have chosen WordPress as my new blog home, for the last few years I have been an avid reader of Mark Cubans blog and I figure if WordPress works for him it should do me just fine!  I am attempting to import the old blog here but for the time being will have a link to it!


Lots of cool features on WordPress, looking forward to trying them out Spicing things up a bit!

I have added some of the most recent post.

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