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If you missed the premiere you can catch it again tonight at 7/8 central on History and new shows tonight at 10/9 Central! If you like the show please spread the word! History has a page on facebook and you can became a fan of the John McCalmont page on facebook as well! Tonight Toys and Kitchens! Lots of fun! Have you ever wondered what would happen to your hand if you put it down a garbage disposal and turned it on? We will find out!


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Kids chime in on SLICED!

This will put a smile on your face, what kids would like to se SLICED!

Valley Ranch Elementery

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SLICED makes the cut in Maxuim

We Like to Watch: April 19th-25th

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WOW! Life has been one crazy ride for me the last few months! I have been on the road shooting SLICED and were a just past the half way point looking forward to the premiere next week on April 22. It feels like I have been on the road forever, the travel and long days on the set have been some of the hardest work I have ever done, but what an awesome feeling it has been! Powderhouse, the production company behind SLICED has really put together a rockin crew pumping out an incredible show every week.

Headed up by Dan Miller they have some 40 odd people working every day of the week making sure we do the absolute best show possible! Everyone from Story writers to editorial, pre-production and production, a truly gifted team

Spread the word! I really think if you like to answer question about things in our everyday life that we take for granted you will love SLICED!

Check out all the promos on HISTORY


Rock on!

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Well the schedule is set! My new show SLICED that is due out on the HISTORY channel is set to start production in February! VERY exciting stuff planed to slice up on the show, up for consideration is everything from a gas station to a fire truck and maybe even Texas Stadium, ok that last one is a long shot but man would that be cool! I will be blogging about the experiences here so start checking back in around that time for some cool stories and pics!

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History Channel takes the reality route

Sliced got a small but very cool mention in the Hollywood Reporter Today!


History Channel takes the reality route

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Catching up on stuff!

SDC10398Yes, that is, or was, the armored van we sliced apart for EP2.  Can I say, off the hook? Awesome? A bit CRAZY!  Well of course I can this is my blog!  Yes I know I am a little behind, and quite humbled by the many e-mails telling me to get some updates!   Life is a crazy ride and I am taking full advantage of it right now, just hours after the final “after” SLICE drink over steaks at Houston’s with the SLICING guys I spent two days with Marcie Tobias the Voice Whisperer  and 12 other very talented VO artist from the Dallas area in a intensive weekend seminar.  Acting is just like all careers,  to stay good you have to get continued training, push the envelope and grow not only as a talent but as a human being.  When your good at what you do, it looks easy, that is actually something I get all the time, but honestly it is the culmination of years in training and life experiences that allows me to do what I do.  Training with Marcie, arguably the best of the best in the world of voice coaching pushes my envelope and makes me a better talent, on and off the screen.

Right after that it was back on the road for an audition in Austin, and finally home with the family and back to the studio to catch up on some VO’s and Editorial work.

So the BIG question you want the answer to is when can I see SLICED!   Well that my friends is out of my hands at this point.  The talented crew lead by Dan Miller at Powderhouse is currently putting the shows together and working with the HISTORY channel to finalize the look and feel.  I have seen a few rough cuts and laid some VO tracks for show 1 and can honestly say it does look good!


Pictured above is Joe Livolsi, Dan Miller and Myself on the Genesis Sheer, the tool we used to Slice open the armored car.  Talk about the ultimate cool toy!  Yes I had some fun with this one.


The Shear was surprisingly accurate in it’s cutting ability.  What did we find?  Well you will have to tune in to find out 🙂

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