We Like to Watch: April 19th-25th


WOW again! Tonight is the night for the big Premiere Of SLICED!

David Martindale one gifted writer wrote a great article in the Fort Worth Star! Check it out!

I have also added some “behind the scenes” photo on my Face Book Fan page, please stop by and check those out as well, the link in on the side bar!

ROCK AND ROLL! The ride begins!

WOW! Life has been one crazy ride for me the last few months! I have been on the road shooting SLICED and were a just past the half way point looking forward to the premiere next week on April 22. It feels like I have been on the road forever, the travel and long days on the set have been some of the hardest work I have ever done, but what an awesome feeling it has been! Powderhouse, the production company behind SLICED has really put together a rockin crew pumping out an incredible show every week.

Headed up by Dan Miller they have some 40 odd people working every day of the week making sure we do the absolute best show possible! Everyone from Story writers to editorial, pre-production and production, a truly gifted team

Spread the word! I really think if you like to answer question about things in our everyday life that we take for granted you will love SLICED!

Check out all the promos on HISTORY


Rock on!

Skeeter released video #2 on the new FX today, I actually just finished the edit yesterday! Kelly did a great job and talks candidly about his experience with the new boat!

Well the schedule is set! My new show SLICED that is due out on the HISTORY channel is set to start production in February! VERY exciting stuff planed to slice up on the show, up for consideration is everything from a gas station to a fire truck and maybe even Texas Stadium, ok that last one is a long shot but man would that be cool! I will be blogging about the experiences here so start checking back in around that time for some cool stories and pics!

Well I guess I can let the cat out of the bag! That cat being the all new FX series from Skeeter! I have had the great opportunity to produce and direct the video portion of the launch this year and I have been having a blast doing it!
I can truly say that I have run a LOT of boats since my first flat bottom when I was 10 years old, got my first fiberglass rig at the age of 13, a Cajun BRUTE 3 with a 150 merc, one of the cats meows back in the early 80’s. And have run/owned over 20 bass boat since then! But this FX really tops them all packaged with the all new SHO Yamaha! I got a few hours behind the wheel and what a ride! The whole shot, top end, and all around performance and fishability of this rig will be the new standard that all bass boats will be measured by!
Check out the launch video! We have several more videos that Skeeter will be releasing over the next few weeks!

My company ROWDYHD is know the official news outlet for WFN on the south! And I will be the main reporter for area news and events! Here is one of the first stories we did on the invasive vegetation laws in Texas