This last weekend I was at Cedar Creek filming the second stop of championship fishing for the Skeeter Bass Champs television show!
Hosting the Show
Cedar Creek proved the reason why its called fishing and not catching! With 2 cold fronts, rain and chilly temperatures the fishing was challenging for competitors going after 50,000! For all the details you can read about it here
We all pitch in at these events wearing many different hats, on day one I went out to tow in a boat who’s power head let go, needless to say it would have taken them a long time to make it back on the troll motor!
Big Tony came along to help on this one as well, I think I may need to hook him up with a XXXXL life jacket!
big t
Here is a great shot of Eric Austin filming day one action rolling out of take off!
 e on cam
And yes, not only do I host the show, Produce it, direct it, tow boats in, but I also grab a camera from time to time! My motto, don;t ask anybody to do something you would not do yourself!
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We all hate em, well no I actually love them to death, they are my bread and butter, but this one definitely stands out! A little long to really be a commercial, more like a mini movie. This one has been around for a while but just came by my door, worth a watch!

I have not spoken to Travis Davis in years, I came across this e-mail from Tom Kane reporting on his condition this morning and it really hit home, Travis is not doing well. If you are a fellow Dallas actor that has been around for a while like myself you will remember him. Travis and his wife moved to LA back in the early 90 about the same tim that I did, and he did well for himself and his family! But could definitely use some help now!

The Travis Davis Fund

Message from Tom Kane:

I was only going to send this to my VO & On-Camera Actor email lists, but I’m throwing a wider net because this came on very suddenly, and the need is immediate. I know we are all hit up for a lot of things, but please read, and please do what you can.

Even $5 or $10 from just half my email pals would make SUCH a difference.

Travis Davis has been part of our VO and On-camera community since the early 90’s – he’s a really nice, hard working family guy with a wife and 2 young kids.

He thought his stomach cancer last year had been beaten, and went right back to work to support his family.

All seemed OK until a month ago, when the pain in his abdomen confirmed the cancer was back with a vengeance. It has spread throughout his peritoneum and intestines. It is terminal. And soon.

Just two weeks ago, after tests confirmed treatment would not change the outcome, he and his wife went through the painful ordeal of telling their children the situation.

It was as heart wrenching as expected, and something that we can only pray we never experience.

They are strong, beautiful kids, and are doing their best to assimilate this info into their world, but they’re just kids, and going through enough without also worrying about whether there will be enough money to buy school supplies in a couple months.

Travis isn’t an on-camera Celebrity, or some big Movie Trailer guy with healthy reserves. He is a working-class actor who is – literally – at the end of his rope and needs a hand.

He is long past being able to work, and doesn’t have more than a few weeks left.

The little bit of life insurance he may get from AFTRA & SAG won’t help until weeks or months after he is gone, and his wife and kids need something to see them through this terrible transition.

I have sent them something to help a bit, and if you can also, please do. I am sure anything will be greatly appreciated.

Some friends set up a fund through a charity organized to do exactly this sort of thing, the Talbert Family Foundation, and it’s 100% tax deductible:

The Travis Davis Fund

I checked it our before I donated, and it all seems legit, and I am assured everything donated goes directly to Travis’ family.

Please do what you can, and pass this on to anyone else who might be able to help.

Thank you.
– Tom Kane

As a BIG Mavs fan and regular attendee of the games the announce makes or breaks the experience! You have to love em or hate em, and the Dallas Mavs have always had the best of the best in my opinion! First up in my memory was Kevin McCarthy
I was a big “Kevin” fan, and hated to see him loose gigs at the mavs and 570, this is a good artical that sums that up in the Observer..
One of the long time great VO guys in Dallas and a man who helped me get started in the VO businesses would often fill in for McCarthy, Bob Magruder, He may best best know as the voice of Cheaters, yes I was the original producer for that show and wanted a distinguished story teller for the voice and Bob was the one guy that could bring a little decency to an otherwise decadent show, looking back I hope he is not remembered for that show, I know I have worked hard to forget it 🙂

And then came Humble

Some people HATED him!

But truly he did a great job in my “humble” opinion, I mean really, that is a tough gig with the schedule and commitment and strain on the voice, and keeping up with all the stats! Not for this guy, I enjoy watching and playing arm chair coach to much!

But another announcer? Oh no, I only hope they choose someone worthy of the position. I watched some of the live feed yesterday, painful to say the least! SO I was thrilled when I saw my friend Allan Peck who does afternoons on KSCS auditioning in the morning paper not only a talented VO artist and On air dude, but funny! Watch the video, he is the young hip looking one that ends with “that’s all I got”!

No Allan is not the typical deep voice announcer, but maybe the Mavs need a cool hip voice?

Video of Mavs Announcer Tryouts

As a kid my dad gave me a little FM broadcaster and I had my own pirate radio station broadcasting in my bedroom. And on a clear night you could pick up the broadcast about 200 yards away 🙂 not very powerful but if I told you about my next venture into “non legal” broadcast I might still get into trouble. Oh what tha heck… At one of my first radio station jobs, a little mom and pop AM country station in he sticks, the sign off time for the station was 10pm. Well at 11:30 I would crank the station back up an rock out all night, uh lets just say when I started to generate a small audience, word traveled fast and I got fired 🙂 Good times!

So this movie should be a fun watch!

October is championship time in Texas! And we shoot a lot of shows this month. First up was the South /North Championship on OH IVEY. The lake is a real sleeper in West Texas, and I bet it will be a big destination spot after the show airs. In the past Bass Champs television was the first show to really feature lakes like Amisted, Falcon, and Choke Canyon, and if you look at them now, it is really an incredible site. Not long after the word got out both BASS and FLW planned visits to these lakes to host events and over time new lodges, hotels, restaurants, marinas and developments sprang up to handle the crowds. Well after this last weekend I would not be surprised to see a lot more traffic at OH Ivey! For the Full story visit BASSCHAMPS

Day one of the event hit a lot of anglers hard with a weather change, windy and cold for Texas.
This is a cool pic of the boats idling out.

Day One take off OH Ivey

And Day 2 offered even more challenges especially for the camera men shooting video in the rain! Cold wet conditions had everyone bundled up for the morning!

Nigel going into the storm

All in all we shot over 30 hours of footage and had cameras in the boat with both first and second place finishers, should make for some awesome fishing action!

Last pic, the folks that make it happen, rain or shine!

Chad Potts, Jeff Welch and Joy “it was her birthday” Sanders!
The Crew!

If you would like to see some more pictures click here!

I found this on Bob Souer’s Boblog, He alway has cool VO stuff on their, and gives this find to a few other exceptional talent!

This is really old school! I LOVE THIS STUFF!

CBS2 L.A.’s 2 on the Town: Voice-over artists