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This last weekend I was at Cedar Creek filming the second stop of championship fishing for the Skeeter Bass Champs television show!
Hosting the Show
Cedar Creek proved the reason why its called fishing and not catching! With 2 cold fronts, rain and chilly temperatures the fishing was challenging for competitors going after 50,000! For all the details you can read about it here
We all pitch in at these events wearing many different hats, on day one I went out to tow in a boat who’s power head let go, needless to say it would have taken them a long time to make it back on the troll motor!
Big Tony came along to help on this one as well, I think I may need to hook him up with a XXXXL life jacket!
big t
Here is a great shot of Eric Austin filming day one action rolling out of take off!
 e on cam
And yes, not only do I host the show, Produce it, direct it, tow boats in, but I also grab a camera from time to time! My motto, don;t ask anybody to do something you would not do yourself!
For a few more pics CLICK HERE


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