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Some of my favorite audio sessions gone bad!

shatnerFirst up is William Shatner doing a VO session, we have all imitated him from time to time, “Scotty, I neeeed more power” with the appropriate passes and gestures, I think that is what this audio engineer was thinking when directing this session!

Here is one from my old stomping grounds in Waco Texas, none other than Barry White himself trying to get through some very poorly written copy, and not in the mood to change it.
Caution, foul langage is used!

images-2One of my ALL TIME favorites, Casey Kasem, one of the all time greats! I know you’ve heard this one before but I still get a kick out of it!

If the kids are around turn it down, foul langage is used!

wellsHere is a real old one, Orson Wells in a compilation of audio sessions. How do you direct a master? You don’t, Unless you really know your stuff!

Mr. Wells does not have to resort to foul language, he is intimidating enough as is 🙂


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